Sunday, October 28, 2012

Elections and being a Mormon

 As I went to the polls this past week to cast my vote for president of this great country that I live in, I was struck by how many people said such horrible things about my religion due to the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  In my head the 2 should never come up.  I feel as though religion and politics should be completely different and not related at all.  That being said, I feel like being spiritual is at the very core of what this country was built on, but a man's religion should not determine if he will make a good president.

I was raised in a home with a father who is a democrat, and a mother who is a republican.  My parents taught me as I grew up that when I became of age to vote, that I should vote for the PERSON, not the PARTY.  When I turned the legal age to vote in this country, I registered as a democrat.  I still consider myself a democrat 10 years later, but that doesn't determine whom I vote for.  I vote for the person that I believe will be the best person to run this country.

These past few weeks as I have watched the debates, as many of you have, I have been more in favor of President Obama.  I have gotten a lot of grief here in Utah because "How in the world would you not vote for Mitt Romney?  He's a Mormon."  It actually blows my mind that someone would say this to me.  I have never believed that religion is a part of politics, so why now would I ever vote for a religion over a man?  The Mormon church is not going to be running the country if Mitt Romney wins, Mitt Romney will be running our country, and I don't believe he is better for the job than Pres. Obama.  I don't understand how people can question my opinion here in Utah.

I grew up knowing that I was raised in a very Republican state. I know that the majority of my state is right winged, and I also realize that my democratic vote will not really matter in this state because of how they control the polling throughout this country.  The majority wins, and in Utah; the majority is ALWAYS republican.  So even though people know that, I have been blown away that would still give me grief.

I believe that God was the one behind setting up this amazing country of ours.  I believe that our rights as American citizens, gives us the right to chose who we believe would be best for this country.  Who would be best for us, as an individual.  Mitt Romney is not the best for ME, in MY opinion.  You are more than welcome to disagree with me, but you will not see me slam down your opinion or call you crazy for voting for a republican.  I believe we all were given equal rights for a reason, and I choose to vote for the person that I believe in the most, not the party, and definitely NOT the religion.

I am a part of a group here in Utah called the "LDS (Latter Day Saints) Democrats".  It is a group of "Mormons" that are democrats.  I have learned to love these people, and I know they are good people.  They are Mormon, they are democrat, and they are voting for President Obama; and they are equally loved by their Father in Heaven, just as much as any republican is.

As you come to vote this election day, please don't vote for the party or the religion.  If you believe Mitt Romney is the best for job as President of the United States, then please VOTE FOR HIM.  But if you are voting for him due to the fact that he is Mormon, you need to look at your values and morals, and know that just because he's Mormon doesn't mean he's the best.  The same goes for President Obama.  Just because he has been the President for 4 years, doesn't mean he's the best option.  You need to vote for the man who will do the best job for YOU as an individual, and not because he's a "Mormon" or is "Black".  You need to vote for the best leader of the free world that we are privileged enough to live in.


  1. I agree completely and am among the minority here in Utah that swing left most of the time:) You probably don't remember me but I was in your ward when you were a little girl. I lived up on the mountain near the Banks! Your mom was one of my favorite young women leaders. And your dad was so much fun! This was a great post that many mormon people in Utah need to hear. I don't feel like Democrats speak up enough around here! Thank you.

  2. Thanks Jill :) I, like the majority of people in Utah it seems, support Gov. Romney. Not because of race or religion, but because I believe he would do the best job. Funny that I receive the same comments as you, only from another angle. "You are only voting for him because he is Mormon." Ha! Give me some credit people! I watch the debates and educate myself. So either way, it sounds like people need to mind their own business! Thanks for your thoughts. I, too, agree with voting for the person, not the party. Election years always seem to get heated but I always appreciate your dialogue! I hope you are doing well :)