Sunday, February 5, 2012

Through the Mouth of Babes

Today was my first day back teaching my Sunday School class since I had surgery a week ago.  Oh, how I had missed my little children.  I teach the 3 year old children in my ward, and I must say I am definitely the lucky one.  As I'm sitting with them in singing time I could tell they were all a little tired.  I had 1 child on each side of me holding my hands, and I had 1 child on my lap cuddled into my chest sucking her thumb.  It felt so good to have their little loving spirits surrounding me.  A little boy in my class kept asking Sister Jill (me) when it was time for class.  He loves my class because they always get a treat, a drink, a story, and a game.  Sharing and singing time is kind of long because they have to sit there and be so reverent, but they do such a great job.  I was so thrilled when I got to tell him that it was finally our turn to go to our class.  

We got up to walk to our class, and the little angels folded their arms and quietly walked behind me into our classroom.  We set up our chairs and I sat down with my husband to teach our lesson.  I was so thrilled about today's lesson because it was on how our Heavenly Father and Jesus love us.  It was about all that Jesus and Heavenly Father have given us, and how they gave us the earth, our families, our pets, and our elder brother who gave his life for us, because of their deep and immense love that they have for us.

I started out the class with an opening prayer.  One of my sweet little girls came and sat on my lap and I helped her say the prayer.  After that we started class.  I started by bring each child one by one up to me, holding their hands, and telling them 3 things that I loved about them.  Then I looked in their eyes and asked them if they knew that I loved them.  It was so incredible to see the smile come across the child's face who was holding me hand when I said this.  Each one with so much confidence said, "Yes sister Jill.  I know you love me".  It touched my heart and filled my soul with joy to see these little precious children know how much I love them.

As the lesson went on, we got to a part where my husband got to tell the story in Mark 10: 13-16 about how Jesus blesses the little children.  It was so touching to me to see my husband tell each of these children how Jesus always has time for them, and how he loves them, and how he spent time giving each child a blessing because they were so special.  These little children sitting in my class fully understood that Jesus loved them, and that they were pure and innocent just like the children that Jesus blessed that day.  I went on to tell them that just like Jesus blessed the little children in the bible, if we ask and pray to Jesus and our Heavenly Father, Jesus will bless us too.

At the end of class I gave each of my children a treat before their parents came to pick them up.  1 by one they gave me a hug and left my class.  At the very end my husband and I were in the room with just 1 little girl.  This little girl has been so shy towards Dave.  It took her a couple weeks to warm up to me as well, but today was amazing.  She was sitting on the ground next to me and I had just given her, her special gift when my husband started to tell her how special she was to us.  He told her how much he loved her and how grateful we are that we get to be her teachers.  She looked at my husband and said, "No brother Dave, you're the one that's special and I love you."  I was so touched I nearly cried.  To see this precious little Child of God open up to her teacher and let him know that she loved him just as much as he loved her.  It was a moment I will treasure my entire life.

I know these children will grow up and might not remember sister Jill, but I will keep these special little spirits in my heart until the day I am gone from this earth.  I just think about when my husband and I head off to medical school in a year, and how these children will move onto their next class, and how much I will miss them.  I'm so thankful that Jesus let me see today a little bit of the love that he has for these special children and why.  I've not been blessed with the ability to have children of my own, but being able to be with these children is the next best thing.  If I can't be a Mom, I hope I get to be a teach for the rest of my life.  I'm so thankful to have these children teach me just as much as I teach them.

I hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you all soon!

Sister Jill

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