Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All this talk about being a Mother

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints there is a lot of talk about Mother's.  How it is the greatest calling ever for a woman.  How there is no such love like a Mother's love and on and on.  I must admit that it always stings me a little bit when I hear this because I know I am unable to have children.  It's not because I don't want to, in fact I would give anything on this earth to have a child, but my physical body won't allow it.  So when I hear talks by prophets, apostles, teachers, and so on about what a great calling a mother is I have had to figure out how I can still be important even if I can't have children of my own. 

I recently got a calling to teach the 3 year old children in my ward and I think I am starting to see how important little children are and why mothering is such an amazing calling in this life.  I get to spend 2 hours every week with these special little spirits and if I had my way I would take them all home with me and raise them as my own. 

The other Sunday was fast Sunday.  It's a time in our church where we don't eat until dinner to remember and have respect for the 40 day fast that our Savior did for us.  During this time at church we have fast and testimony meeting.  People from the congregation get the chance to stand and bear their testimony.  As I was sitting in the congregation that Sunday, the grandmother of one of my little 3 year old's stood and told of how thankful she was for Brother Dave and Sister Jill.  (my husband and me).  She said how Sunday used to be a battle with her little grand daughter who up to this point in her life has been through a lot.  She is being raised by her grand parents and although I don't know the specifics, I don't need to.  I know that this little girl hasn't had it as easy as a 3 year old should.  

Her grandmother said she was thankful for my husband and me because since we had been called to teach these little children her grand daughter now gets excited to come to church and learn of Jesus and his teachings and feel of the love that not only her Heavenly Father and Savior have for her, but the love that Sister Jill has for her.  I can't express how much I love that little girl.  I imagine I love her as much as I would love my own child if I could have one.

After this particular Sunday I spoke with my Father and Heaven and thanked him for putting these special spirits in my care.  Thank you for allowing me to be their teachers, because I need them just as much if not more than they need me.  I need their love, and kindness, and caring.  I need their hugs, and kisses, and hand holds.  I need these special little souls in my life to fill my empty heart and my sad heart at times that only the love of a child can fill.  I know I'm not a Mother, but I do know that I would make an amazing one.  I hope one day to have the love of my own child reach up to me and need me to love them, and need me to care of them, like these little 3 year old's are doing now.


  1. One of your friends posted that you would be an amazing mom. I totally agree! But, I would like you add that you ARE and amazing "mom". Being a mother is so much more then just giving birth. It is being a friend, a teacher, a maid, a cook. It is taking care of those who you love. It is making someone feel good about themselves always. It is making hard decisions. It is making sacrifices. It is loving unconditionally. It is having nights where you feel like a complete failure and small moments when you feel like life is amazing just how it is. Jill, i think is it safe to say that in all you do you are a mother. To your sweet primary children, to your friends, to random people who read your blogs and have been touched by you in some small way, to your family and your nieces and nephews. I know that you know without a doubt that God has a plan for you. And although your earthly vessel can not have children he can and will bless you with children in this life. Maybe it will be children that are not yours to keep and maybe you will be given the opportunity to have your children sent to you through another woman. But never forget that you have touched lives in a way that only a mother could. When the Prophets and Apostles speak about Mothers, listen up, because they are talking to you too! I love you Jill!

  2. Thanks so much my sweet sis. That brought me to tears to read this comment just barely. It was a little boost that I needed this morning. Thank you for putting things into perspective. I love you Chi!