Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Strasburg Mission Statement

The last couple of days I've heard a lot about mission statements. I'm not sure why, because I would think they would be big at the beginning of the year. Either way, I've taken it as a hint that Dave and I should have one for our family. 

As I've read tons of mission statements on pinterest, different blogs, companies, etc. I've started to understand a little about what the point of a mission statement is. I'm learning that some people make a new one every year, and some make one and stick with it for the duration. I'm not sure which one I will be, but for right now in my life I like the one that Dave and I have come up with. (Is the suspense killing you yet?)

I've always been fascinated how people talk about Christ and God, in association with their life. Some people do it to convince others that they are God fearing people who believe in Christ, and I believe some people do it to convince themselves. It doesn't bother me either way its just always been something I've noticed, and for myself I've tried not to do it. That being said, if someone asks me if I'm a Christian, I of course will use the opportunity to share a bit of my beliefs with them. For me though, I hope people would know by my example that I believe in Christ and try to live by his example. 

Whenever I have come in contact with another Christian I try to pay attention to the feeling they give me. By their spirit that they have within themselves, and by the little bit that they share with me, I try to feel their soul. When people don't bring up God in a conversation, I always find myself paying more attention to who they are and the person they are trying to show me. For the most part I can tell if someone follows Christ whether a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, or a catholic, etc. People who live Christ centered lives tend to have a light about them that is very visible to me. I don't know if that goes for everyone, but I can feel if someone lives the way Christ has taught.

All of this brings me to Dave and my mission statement...... Are you ready?! ;)
 "Live your life in such a way that when people meet you they know Christ lives without ever needing to say his name."

I hope with all my heart that people who meet me for the first time can feel the love I have for my Savior, and know what a big part of my life he is. I hope that they can see a light about me and a brightness in my eyes because of the way I try to live according to his teachings. I hope they can feel my love for not only my Savior, but for them; as my brother or sister in heaven. I love people, and I hope that they can feel that genuine love I have for them. That they know that I genuinely care about them, and really do want to know about their lives.

I'm so thankful for those of you who never gave up on me when I wasn't living a Christ centered life, but continued to share your beautiful spirits with me. Thank you to those of you who never judged me, but continually loved me and wanted what was best for me without preaching to me, because you knew that wasn't what I needed. Your example of unfailing, unconditional, Christlike love for me was enough. It's because of you that I came back to the church, stay in the church, and love my Savior like I do. It's because of you that I knew the atonement was real, and would work for me. I hope and pray that I can be the example to other's that all of you were to me.

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