Saturday, August 31, 2013

Marriage is Sacred and Beautiful

People who have met my husband have felt of the amazing spirit he has.  They have seen the light that surrounds him when he smiles, and they know of the love that he has for his Savior.  I'm lucky to have this amazing man in my life.  

When Dave asked me to marry him I had already made the decision that I was going to start living the teachings and principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I never knew how sacred of a decision that would be.

For those of you who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints you are familiar with the temple.  For those of you that are not familiar with our church, the temple is the house of the Lord. It is one of our most sacred places on this earth.  When you enter to be sealed together as husband and wife, it is the most sacred ordinance that we have as members of our church.  Dave and I were married and sealed in the temple because we chose to do that, and made ourselves worthy of that sacred ordinance.

Dave and our marriage is sealed for eternity.  No matter what we go through on this earth, and no matter what happens to either one of us, we are sealed together for not only time on this earth, but for all eternity. What a beautiful promise that we made not only to each other, but to our Father in Heaven.  Because of that our marriage is promised to outlast this earthly, mortal existence.  We will be bound together long after we leave this earth.  That's what made our marriage possible when I was so sick and dying.

The first year of our marriage when I was sick, Dave was faced with the fact that he may lose his wife.  I was faced with the fact that I was going to leave the love of my life for the time on this earth.  It was heart wrenching.  It was the most difficult thing either of us have ever faced, but through this trial we were comforted with the knowledge that even if I did die, we would be together again.  What a beautiful thing.

I believe (speaking from experience) that when you are faced with your own mortality, certain things change.  This was a time that either Dave and I would pull a part or bound together.  Through this year of trials (and still to this day) Dave and I decided to face decisions together.  We turned to each other.  We didn't turn to our families or our friends when we had hard times.  We leaned on each other, and sought guidance from our Father in Heaven.  This not only strengthened our marriage, but made the love that we have for one another stronger than any bond I have ever known.  I know for a fact that Dave and I can get through any trial, or any circumstance that may come our way because we once were faced with the hardest trial of all; losing your best friend.

Dave is not only the love of my life, but the best friend I could ever ask for.  He is the one I turn to in hard times, and in good.  He is the last person I talk to at night, and he is the first person I talk to in the morning.  We never leave each other without a hug and kiss, and we talk all day long.  I miss him while he's at work and I let him know with a simple text.  I love getting random messages from his during the day telling me how much he loves me.  My heart still skips a beat when I see him walk through the door at night.  And we still hold hands every time we're driving in the car.  It's the little things that make our marriage so much fun.

Not only is our marriage sacred and eternal, but it's also beautiful and enjoyable.  From almost dying, I learned to never take my spouse for granted.  Dave learned the same thing.  Don't make mountains out of mole hills.  Don't scwabble over the wet towels your husband leaves on the floor, because I guarantee you would miss those towels if the next day they were gone for good.  Dave often does the dishes for me just because he knows I hate them.  It's the little moments of showing your spouse that you love and appreciate them.  I know how much Dave loves when I cook, and that is something I started when I was sick and couldn't even eat.  I made him dinner every night, I packed his lunch every day, and I make breakfast for him every morning.  I knew these were the moments I would miss if I was gone, so I wanted to take every opportunity that I had to show him that I loved him.  How beautiful it is to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them.  A little will go a long way.

Marriage is meant to be fun, enjoyable, happy, and loving.  You're supposed to love being with your spouse.  You're supposed to want to make up quickly because it hurts your heart to argue with them.  It makes us humble, and forgiving.  It teaches us to love others as we want to be loved.  And it gives us the opportunity to serve one of our Heavenly Father's children like Christ would do.  We are supposed to have that unconditional, Christlike love for our spouse.  It doesn't come overnight, but if you practice you can have this love in your home.

People often comment on Dave and my marriage.  They tell me that they can not only see the love that we have for one another, but they can feel it.  I am always told that people love the feeling in my home.  It's the feeling of love.  Don't you want that in your life?  Don't you want people to ask you what you do to have the love that you have?  Don't you want people to recognize the love that you have for your spouse without you saying a word?  Of course you do.  This is something we all want in our lives.  The secret is to treat your spouse like you would want them to treat you.  Forgive quickly, and love always.  Pay attention to them, and applaud their accomplishments.  Don't overlook the small things.  Acknowledge everything that they do, or at least make the effort.  Thank them for the service they provide.  Let them know how much it means to when they make the bed even if they don't put the pillows on correctly.  Love as you would want to be loved.

Marriage is beautiful.  Marriage is sacred.  We must protect our marriages with everything we have because the world is so wicked.  We must let God be a part of our marriage, and ask for his guidance.  He will guide, and protect your sacred union if you simply ask.  Love your spouse.  Love them like no one else could, so they don't want anyone else to love them. Protect your marriage, and your marriage will be beautiful.


  1. You say everything so perfect!! I had to run and kiss my husband after reading this! We have been married for 7 months and we, too, were sealed in the temple:)

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