Friday, January 17, 2014


As I've been studying lately, and learning what the word meekness means. I'm starting to understand why it is so vital in becoming Christlike.  The definition of meekness (in the bible) is as follows, "An attitude of humble, submissive and expectant trust in God, and a loving, patient and gentle attitude towards others."  
  I love how it says "patient and gentle towards others." I know when it says that it also means towards ourselves. We need to be patient, kind, tender, gentle, and loving, to ourselves.  We deserve to receive these actions just as much as anyone else. We need to learn to love, be patient, and forgive ourselves when we do what is wrong. Like I've always told everyone in my life, "God doesn't care about the fall, he cares how well we rise from the fall."

I have a dear friend who really struggles with pornography.  Try as he may, he always finds his way back to this addiction.  He is a faithful, and righteous member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He is the epitome of what a "Christlike" person should be.  He faithfully studies his scriptures, he serves his fellow men, he is a wonderful father, and husband, he never misses church, and he is kind, gentle, and loving to everyone he meets.  The only problem is, he doesn't show himself the same love and patience.

This friend of mine recently was able to baptize his son.  It was such an incredible experience for him, as he had not been worthy to for quite sometime before, strictly because of his addiction to pornography.  It was such a beautiful moment to watch him dip his son into the waters of baptism.  Not only was it a beautiful moment as a father, he was proud of himself for being able to overcome his obstacle, and be worthy to do this.  It was a beautiful day.

Soon after this occasion he started looking at pornography again.  He looked at it once, and from then on he considered himself to be a bad person again, and started watching it daily.  He didn't show meekness unto himself in his moment of weakness.  If he could have recognized that he slipped up, but that God understands, and this didn't make him a bad person; he may not have continued to dive deeper into this dark hole.

Elder Ulisses Soares told this story that I think applies so well to my friend, and also to all of us.  For we can all relate.  This is what he said, "If a husband can live with his wife one day without quarreling or without treating anyone unkindly or without grieving the Spirit of God...he is so far perfect.  Then let him try to be the same the next day.  But supposing he should fail in this his next day's attempt, that is no reason why he should not succeed in doing so the third day."

What a beautiful story.  It truly tells us how to live.  We should live everyday trying as hard as we can to be a Christlike person.  If for some reason we have a bad day, and slip up (which we will all do), there is no reason to lose all hope, and fall down the rabbit hole.  There is no need to give up on doing what we know to be right.  For our mistake is not what our Heavenly Father judges us on.  He judges us on how well we can overcome on the 3rd day.

I have many health issues.  I have people tell me all the time that they don't understand how I am so happy and upbeat when I feel the way I do.  I tell them this, "You don't get to see my bad days."  The truth is, is that I don't handle my health issues well all the time.  I'm not patient and loving with myself.  It's hard for me to know that I can't do the things I used to do.  I can't enjoy the things I used to enjoy.  But after a day of having a pity party, and crying to my sweetheart, I try so hard to put that smile back on my face.  Those days when I hurt so bad and I don't want to do anything, I try my hardest to get dressed, put on my makeup, and go run errands.  Even if it's only 1 trip to the post office, I know I will feel better.  Even if I get ready just to sit in my house, that's okay too.  The important thing is that I try.  I try to be happy, I try to be thankful at all times for this life that I was given, because at one point it was almost taken from me. I genuinely try to "Endure Well", but sometimes I fail.  It's okay that I fail. It's just important that I don't give up.

If we use the example of our Savior, we would always treat ourselves kindly, and with love.  Jesus was a perfect person, but he had to deal with so many imperfect people.  You would think that would be so hard for him, but it wasn't.  He knew that all of us would make mistakes.  He knew that his own apostle would betray him, and he still forgave him.  He still loved him.  How amazing that he can love someone who caused him to lose his life; but we can't love ourselves when we screw up?  We are imperfect people, and we need to start loving ourselves as Christ does.  Think of the amazing things we could do if we could see ourselves through the eyes of God.

Meekness is an attribute of Christ.  If we claim to follow Christ we must be meek.  We must love each other, we must forgive one another, and we must love and forgive ourselves.  We are amazing people.  Christ knows our potential.  We mustn't let Satan get into our hearts and minds and make us feel less than we are.  We are children of a King.  We are children of God, and he loves us.  He knows us.  He is there for us.  If we will simply ask him to forgive us, love us, and answer our heartfelt prayers, he will come to us.  He wants to take care of us.  He doesn't care about what you've done, he just wants you back.  The fall doesn't matter.  What matters is how well you rise from the fall.